PARTIUM '70 Co attains its economic goals by meeting customer needs and continuously meeting the qualitative and quantitative requirements. In order to increase the competitiveness of our company and meet the environment protection requirements.
PARTIUM '70 Co operates an integrated system according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
Our company has formulated the following objectives regarding the implementation of the corporate quality policy:
  application of customer-oriented market policy
  strengthening of a quality-focused corporation to flexibly adjust to market needs
  continuous cooperation between the different departments
  developing quality-awareness and quality-attitude
  continuous improvement of the integrated system
  modernizing the technical and technological level
  requiring corporate quality development from our permanent suppliers
  maintaining the independent attestation.
PARTIUM '70 Co carries its manufacturing, maintenance, reconstruction, investment, storage and transportation activities with attention paid to ensure the protection of human environment - air, natural and artificial water and soil as well.
Our company considers the ISO 14001 environmental management standard with reference to its activities connected to environment protection. This requires continuous cooperation among all the departments, presentation of the environmental issues when training our employees, emphasis on environment protection when developing our technology and continuous monitoring and improving of all the corporate processes as well.
Within the framework of the integrated quality and environmental management system our company has formulated the following objectives regarding the fields of environment protection:
  customer-oriented sales, transportation, storage to meet environment protection requirements
  filtering the pollutant elements formed during the manufacturing process
  recycling waste in a closed system
  collection, handling, storing of non-recyclable waste to be divided into dangerous and non-dangerous material groups and the harmless rendering of these in a professional way
  provide pleasant working environment which makes it possible for the employees to work under healthy and safe working conditions.
10. February 2009.
JŠnos Orosz
Owner - CEO