WHAT IS THE PP corrugated sheet?  
Technical parameters
PP corrugated sheet is a hollow plastic sheet consisting of two parallel plates connected by vertical ribs.

PP corrugated sheet is made of polypropylene-copolymer which meets environmental protection requirements. This material is environmental friendly and can be recycled.

Moreover, it has several advantageouos properties which make it suitable for widely application. These are:
  • water resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • easy cleanability
  • easy processability
  • cold resistance
  • innocuousness
  • lightness
  • producable in many color
  • printability
  • gluing ability
  • weldability
A PARTIUM '70 Co. has been operating anISO 9001 quality assurance system since 1993 and an ISO 14001 environment centred management system since 1997.

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PP corrugated sheet boards are produced in panels and rolls in the following sizes, with –0+3% longitudinal tolerance and 0+1% lateral tolerance:
Panel length: 400–4000 mm
Panel width: 400–2400 mm
A tekercs legnagyobb hosszúsága: 100 m
Maximum roll length: 100 m – standard length: 50 m
Roll width: 400–2000 mm

           The table below shows board thicknesses and grammages.
Board thickness (mm) Grammage(g/m2)
2 270–500
2,5 400–600
3 450–700
3,5 500–1000
4 700–1400
4,5 800–1200
5 900–1500
6 1000–1500
7 1500–1800
8 1500-1800
9 1800–2000
10 1800–2000
11 2000–2200

Minimum order quantity for 2–4 mm thick PP corrugated sheet board produced in custom sizes: 500 kg
Minimum order quantity for 4,5–11 mm
thick PP corrugated sheet board: 5,000 kg
Maximum width for 7–11 mm
thick PP corrugated sheet board: 1200 mm

The basic properties of PP corrugated sheet board can be enhanced to produce board that is
  • surface treated – corona treated
  • flame retardant
  • electrically conductive
  • electrostatically dissipative
  • UV stable
  • with humidity binding additive
  • Perfoplast (microperforated)
  • mosaic flooring protection board
With surface treatment on one or both sides, PP corrugated sheet board is an excellent medium for screen or flexo printing.

Under Hungarian standard MSZ 14800–16 EMFA 360, PP corrugated sheet comes under fire hazard class D, i.e. slightly flammable. This property can be enhanced using an additive, to produce flame retardant plastic board conforming to DIN 4102 standard category B1, slow burning.

PP corrugated sheet board is made from special raw materials:
  • Conductive (103–105 Ohm)
  • electrostatically dissipative (106–109 Ohm) and
  • antistatic (1010–1013 Ohm)

A UV stable additive makes PP corrugated sheet board suitable for outdoor use. The lifetime of UV stable PP corrugated sheet board is 1–7 years depending on the quantity of additive used.

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APPLICATION OF PP corrugated sheet

Components, tackled units/devices, production wastes can be stored temporarily or continuously using PP corrugated sheet packaging.

Protect semi-finished products and components meanwhile storing and moving. PP corrugated sheet board can be adhesive-lined with various materials, like polyurethane and polyethylene foams and fleeces. In case of a claim elactrically conductive CP can be used.


UV stable PP corrugated sheet board finds application in sapling protectors. These sheaths protect plants against wildlife damage and influence the temperature and light intensity in the interior so as to stimulate growth. The PP corrugated sheet sapling protector, usually light green, is made in custom sizes.

Another application of PP corrugated sheet board is as loading separators . Boards are supplied in sizes conforming to pallets, and to meet hygiene specifications, the edges are welded down or sealed mechanically. Such sealed boards are easily cleaned and multiply re-usable.
Protect semi–finished glassware products and crystals meanwhile storing and moving. CP is multiply reusable, and it does not scratch the glass.

Application of this material is packaging of ampoules, tablets and medicine bottles of various sizes. Advantage of reusable “PP corrugated sheet” is that it can be sterilized at high temperatures.

  • file folders
  • cases, bags
  • flip chart
  • big board
  • other sandwich–board


PP corrugated sheet boards fully comply with Hungarian food health requirements (OÉTI) and the FDA, EU and BgVV regulations, and so are suitable for use in the food industrie. CP packaging is used for protecting food– and clothes products from moisture, humidity and pollution. It is multiply re-usable.

To protect of vulnerable edges during transportation.

  • Packaging of steel coils
  • Packaging of steel plates
  • Between steel plates and wooden frame
  • Under steel strapping
  • Protect pipes against forks of fork lift
  • Protect pipes head
  • Under and above steel pipe bundle
  • Steel pipes covered with CP


Perfoplast board is perforated on both sides, and is thus permeable to humidity. The microperforation on the board surface excludes water, allows humidity to exit freely where there is a partial pressure difference.
Perfoplast board is thus applicable for roof structures without a lower ventilated air layer, and for special packaging where its breathing properties are important.
The microperforations also give rise to a non–slip property.
The maximum width of Perfoplast is 1600 mm.


Mosaic floor protector is a high-strength PP corrugated sheet board that withstands the mechanical stress and soiling generated in building work, and protects flooring of buildings. This reusable board comes in a recommended size of 1200 x 800 mm, or in custom sizes.

Technical datas:

Size: 1200x800 mm
Thickness: 3,8 mm (+–15%)
Grammage: 1200 g/m2 (+–5%)
Colour: natúr (according to claim)

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