The pipes are manufactured from linear PE raw material through extrusion and special post-production treatment.
Fields of application:
construction of rainfall and sewage canals
land melioration
draining in construction works
Ribbed LPE pipes can only be applied for constructing underground canals.
Standards, certificates:
PARTIUM'70 VSZ 02-05
VSZ 03-05
KHVM-431, KHVM-432 licences for application in waterworks
Ribbed LPE pipes are manufactured in two major types:
single-walled, ribbed LPE pipes:
- perforated
- non-perforated
double walled, inside smooth, outside ribbed LPE pipes
The ribbed LPE pipes are black.
Technical characteristics of application:
Utilisation characteristics vary depending on the make-up.
single-walled, ribbed LPE pipes:
. high flexibility, resilience
. rigidity, resilience of the ribs
. light weight, easy construction
. excellent weather resistance, canals can be constructed even at below-zero °C, shockproof
. easy to work with and weld
double-walled ribbed LPE pipes:
. due to the double wall they cannot be bended (are produced only in lengths according to the customers' requests)
. the double wall ensures high stiffness, the smooth inner wall provides low flow resistance
. other specifications are the same as for the single-walled pipes.
Double-walled LPE pipes can be installed with fittings and rubber insulation produced by our company.
Transportation, storage:
The pipes can be stored in the open air without any restriction up to 18 months. Longer periods of storage require protection against direct sunshine (e.g. black plastic film cover).
*manufactured both with and without perforation..